Release Notes for Bacula 9.6.3

This is a minor bug fix (mostly fixing incorrect copyrights) to Release-9.6.2.


  • Eliminate false error when droping postgres table MAC
  • Apply Carsten's character set fix for the docs. Many thanks!
  • Fix logic error in clearing bit on Windows
  • baculum: Update Portuguese translations
  • baculum: Update Polish translations
  • baculum: Add patch to PRADO framework 4.0.1 for supporting PostgreSQL 12 catalog database
  • baculum: Add support for PostgreSQL 12 catalog database
  • Enhance failed bpipe to changer error message
  • Clean up some incorrect copyrights
  • Correct spelling errors in messages
  • Add to plugins links
  • baculum: Add bulk actions for job history and volume tables
  • baculum: Update DataTables and its plugins
  • docker: Update copyright headers.
  • Update BSD copyright on * files
  • docker: Remove unneeded tar binary.
  • Fix workaround for Sun C++ recommended by Phil Stracchino
  • baculum: Update Polish translations
  • baculum: Update Portuguese translations

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: None