Release 9.4.4 28May19

This is a bug fix release to 9.4.3. It includes some fixes that fix bad data records in Copy/Migration jobs or problems doing restores of Copy/Migration jobs.


  • rpm: Fix mysql dependency for bacula-postgresql
  • Fix bug 2476 -- copy/migration jobs fail when waiting for a new Volume
  • Add copy-jobspan-label-wait-test to do_all
  • Add two new regression tests submitted by Martin Simmons for bug 2476
  • Remove bacula32.def and bacula64.def.
  • Add Michael Narigon as author for Mac heap implementation
  • Add tests/restart-jobmedia-test to do_all
  • Allow to hangup/blowup inside a file for tests slash - fix suggested by vondi
  • Add db_get_jobmedia_record() function
  • Check JobMedia validity after an incomplete job
  • baculum: Fix #2477 escaping backslashes in config in text directive types
  • baculum: Fix #2474 error 404 if document root path uses link with ending
  • baculum: Remove php database extensions dependency from web requirements
  • baculum: Fix removing path items selected to restore in restore wizard
  • baculum: Fix clearing restore path field after selecting backup in restore wizard
  • baculum: Fix TPhpFatalErrorException exception on job view page with PHP version lower than 5.5

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:

2474 2476 2477