Release 11.0.3 21 May 2021

11.0.3 is a minor bug fix release.

  • Check if char **jobid parameter is NULL before modifying it in bvfs_parse_arg_version()

  • Enhance the update_mysql_tables script

  • Fix compilation of check_bacula.c reported by Dan

  • Fix #2442 About the check of the Control Device during startup

  • Fix #2500 .bvfs_get_jobids jobid=X must return X in the list

  • Fix #2604 About column alignment of 'Terminated Jobs' section

  • Fix #2605 About incorrect messages in restore command

  • Fix stored/ to install cloud driver object with cloud targets

  • Fix various default permissions

  • baculum: Add autochanger management section and improve few other texts

  • baculum: Add component action (start/stop/restart) buttons to client and storage pages

  • baculum: Add example working directory path in API install wizard

  • baculum: Add new device interface definition to Baculum OpenAPI documentation

  • baculum: Fix #2592 logout button on Safari web browser

  • baculum: Fix double device error code number

  • baculum: Fix opening update slots window reported by Hector Barrera

  • baculum: Fix sub-tabs on client and on storage pages

  • baculum: Implement autochanger management

  • baculum: Implement support for assigning multiple API hosts to one user

  • baculum: Restore wizard improvements

  • baculum: Update Portuguese translations

  • baculum: Update Russian translations

  • baculum: Update documentation chapter and screenshots

  • baculum: Use catalog access in changer listall endpoint only if it is configured on API host

  • docs: Add information about the git branch used with Bacula

  • docs: Fix ee#7657 Enhance the FSType description

  • docs: Fix ee#7659 About EnhancedWild fileset directive documentation

  • docs: Fix #2578 About missing "restore directory=xxx" keyword documentation

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:

#2442 #2500 #2578 #2592 #2604 #2605 #7657 #7659