Release 11.0.0 12 December 2020

11.0.0 is a major release.

New Features:

  • New catalog format
  • Automatic TLS PSK encrypted communication
  • Support for Client behind NAT
  • Continious Data Protection (CDP) Plugin
  • Global Director Autoprune flag
  • Events/Audit features
  • New Baculum features
  • Support for GPFS


  • New Prune Command Option
  • Dynamic Client Address Directive
  • Ability to disable Volume Retention
  • Ask to mount/create volume when the disk space is low
  • Simplification of the Windows FileSet with File=/
  • Use of QT5 for Bat on Windows
  • Support for Windows files with non-UTF16 names
  • Windows Snapshot management has been improved
  • Support for the system.cifs_acl extended attribute backup with Linux CIFS
  • Built-in Client Scheduler
  • Reload command improvements (Keep IP address, Maximum Concurrent value, ...)
  • Support for GLOB pattern in Console ACL directives
  • Faster CRC32 algorithm

Please see the New Features chapter of the manual for documentation on the new features.