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      Add Thomas Franz to AUTHORS list · c14262c1
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      Fix org#2665 About memory leak on FreeBSD with extended attributes · 62f437b8
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      Extended attributes in FreeBSD exists for attrnamespace "user" and
      "system". Bacula saves this data serializing extended attributes for every
      In the source bxattr_freebsd.c of bacula 13.0.1 the following problems could be
       - Bug missing data during backup: If a file has extended attributes of type
         "system" but not of type "user" then these are missing in the serializing
         stream for the backup. This is caused by the return statement when no
         extended attribute of type "user" exists.
       - Memory leak when using extattr_namespace_to_string() because this function
         calls strdup() and does never free the memory allocated by strdup(). This
         problem did not exists until Bacula 7.4.4, but the correct handling was
         dropped in Bacula 7.4.5.
       - Memory leak during backup of files having extended attributes of both types
         "user" and "system". In this case the pointer "xlist" is used first for
         "user" and then for "s...
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