Commit ead6c5b4 authored by Marcin Haba's avatar Marcin Haba
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baculum: Fix OFFSET parameter in PHP framework

Ticket in the PRADO framework GitHub project:

Support for OFFSET parameter without LIMIT clause in SQL query for TActiveRecord
parent bb910baa
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ class TSqlCriteria extends \Prado\TComponent
// [LIMIT {[offset,] row_count | row_count OFFSET offset}]
// See:
if (preg_match('/ORDER\s+BY\s+(.*?)(?=LIMIT)|ORDER\s+BY\s+(.*?)$/i', $value, $matches) > 0) {
if (preg_match('/ORDER\s+BY\s+(.*?)(?=\s+(?:LIMIT|OFFSET))|ORDER\s+BY\s+(.*?)$/i', $value, $matches) > 0) {
// condition contains ORDER BY
$value = str_replace($matches[0], '', $value);
if (strlen($matches[1]) > 0) {
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