Commit 824f2cae authored by Eric Bollengier's avatar Eric Bollengier
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osx: Fix #9309 about extended attribute backup error on macOS

Warning: xattr maximum length 182 is greater than MaximumNetworkBufferSize on file ...
parent 4954a867
......@@ -204,7 +204,8 @@ bRC_BXATTR BXATTR_OSX::os_get_xattr_value (JCR *jcr, char * name, char ** pvalue
if (len >= me->max_network_buffer_size) {
uint32_t max_buff_size = me->max_network_buffer_size ? me->max_network_buffer_size : DEFAULT_NETWORK_BUFFER_SIZE;
if (len >= max_buff_size) {
MmsgD2(100, jcr->errmsg, _("xattr maximum length %d is greater than MaximumNetworkBufferSize on file \"%s\"\n"), len, jcr->last_fname);
return bRC_BXATTR_error;
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