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Changelog for version 11.3.3
Changelog for version 11.3.4
- win32: Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1o
......@@ -37,6 +37,40 @@ database, be sure to shutdown Bacula and be aware that running the script can
take some time depending on your database size.
Release 11.3.4 02 June 2022
11.3.4 is a beta release.
- Fix #9127 About incorrect handling of the new Accurate 'o' option with
multiple incremental jobs. Add support for ACL updates
- Fix #9116: copy job missuses the client->FdStorageAddress directive
- Fix org#2658 About segfault with bsdjson with incorrect parameters
- Skip storage daemon detection if the information is not available in the BSR
- snapshot: Adapt for BTRFS 5.17
- snapshot: Fix snapshot delete/prune command
- snapshot: Fix #9143 About snapshot not properly stored in the catalog
- snapshot: Add support for new LVM 2.03.15
- Fix org#2659 Install dbcheck and bsmtp in 755
- Fix org#2662 About SQLite migration script issue
- Fix query SQL provided in sample-query.sql
- Fix compilation on s3 driver
- Fix ./configure error with test-cpp.c
- win32: Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1o
- baculum: Fix clearing OAuth2 properties after testing API connection on security page
- baculum: Fix directing to default page after log in for users with non-admin roles
- baculum: Fix #2667 keep original fileset options order
- baculum: Add to install wizard pre-defined b*json tool paths for FreeBSD and older Debian/Ubuntu
- baculum: Fix #2661 required parameter PHP error on PHP 8.0
- baculum: Fix error calling method_exists() with non-objects on PHP 8
Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2633 2658 2659 2661 2662 2667 9116 9125 9127 9143
Release 11.3.3 03 May 2022
11.3.3 is a beta release.
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